Fresh Oriental Ginger Salad Dressing

This delicious and fresh Oriental Ginger Salad Dressing is the perfect addition to any salad. All ingredients used are fresh and vegan, making it a great vegan and vegetarian option. Plus, it is low-fat, making it a great healthy option. This recipe takes hardly any time to make and the result is a creamy and flavorful salad dressing that you will love.

Ingredients used:

For 16 people

  • 1/3 cup
  • 3 tablespoons
  • 1/3 cup
  • 1/4 cup
  • 1 teaspoon
  • 1/2 cup
  • 1/2 tablespoon
  • 1 teaspoon

Recipe steps:

  • Combine all ingredients in a food processor or blender, processing on high until the vegetables are finely minced.
  • Cover and chill thoroughly until ready to serve over a salad.
  • Makes 1 1/2 cup.

This Oriental Ginger Salad Dressing is sure to please. It’s easy to make and requires minimal ingredients. Plus, it is vegan, vegetarian and low-fat. Enjoy it with your favorite salad for a delicious and healthy meal.