Realfood Recipes

If you have come to our website, I am sure it is because you are interested in the Realfooding movement, a lifestyle based on eating real food, that is, those foods that are minimally processed or that have had a processing that has not worsened the product. The Realfooding movement tries to avoid these ultra-processed foods that are in our environment and end up in our food, damaging our health.

What is the first step in changing our diet?

The first step to get out of the wheel created by the set of companies that manufacture processed food, is to change your diet, and you can do it during the purchase. When you go to the supermarket you should know what the products are composed of, you should look at their ingredients label and if they have more than five ingredients it is probably an ultra processed food and surely if you look at those ingredients you will find added sugars, vegetable oils, refined flours, additives and salt it is clearly an ultra-processed food that you should avoid.

Ultra-processed and vegetarian diet

It is clear that they can coexist perfectly, the vegetarian diet eliminates from this pattern foods of animal origin even so this pattern should be equally based on the real fooding in foods little processed vegetables, vegetables, legumes, nuts, whole grains, there are a variety of plant foods to include in this diet even good processed we know as tofu, textured soybeans and vegetable drinks without added sugars. All these are perfect foods to take in this eating pattern, but the most important thing is to avoid these ultra processed foods that are going to be common in all areas, including in the vegetarian diet that you will be offered such as ultra processed veggie burgers, vegetarian type sweets but also processed foods that we should remove from our diet and base our diet on fresh food little processed, the one of all life.

Which Real fooding products you should buy?

The foods that should not be missing are real cereals, rice, pasta, oat flakes, avoid sugary cereals that are ultra processed. Natural and roasted nuts and even good processed foods such as dried fruits or canned legumes that are preserves that provide us with this pattern of food based on real food. The cans of fish always in olive oil, in fact we can have a great pantry even with the wonderful dark chocolate 80% that you can enjoy and also feed you in a real way being aware of this diet.

Dinner recipes or recipes for a meal?

The most important thing is not to go out of our eating pattern, real food adapts to any type of evening, party or dinner with friends. Here are some of our recommendations for a complete real food menu.

What healthy options do we have for snacks and appetizers?

We can combine for example fruit with natural nut cream, some dairy products such as natural yogurt with nuts or even some cheese with whole wheat bread or this same whole wheat bread spread with hummus, olive oil, natural tomato and even guacamole, that is, after all there is no need to reinvent ourselves. Many times with the food that we eat we should not eat something totally different, but at the end of the day we should adapt this healthy food to ourselves.

What is a good quality protein?

Quality protein is the one that comes in real food because there are many processed ultras that come with the claim of high protein, rich in protein … But do not be fooled, you have to always see in the list of ingredients that apart from that added protein probably carry ingredients that are not healthy. That added protein is useless in combination with those ingredients that are not healthy also the protein is beneficial when it comes to its natural state as in real food either in foods of animal origin that usually have a higher percentage such as fish, meat, eggs, dairy or even some foods of plant origin such as legumes and also some nuts where this protein content is the functional protein that is accompanied by other beneficial nutrients of the whole food and in what is going to have the benefit in your body. Not added proteins in these processed ultras that are not healthy.